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Wood Borer Management Service

Wood borer are insects which damage wood by tunnelling at the larval (grub) stage for food or leaving an emergence hole on the surface of the wood after becoming an adult (beetle). These emergence holes are quite visible and are usually the first signs of an active infestation of wood borer. All homes or businesses constructed of natural wood are at risk of wood borer infestations.

The term ‘wood borer’ covers many types of wood-boring beetles, some with wonderful names like Auger, Jewel, Stag, and Pinhole Borers. But whatever they are called, you’ll want to say goodbye to them.

Here are some helpful facts about Wood Borers:

  1. Adult beetles lay their eggs in wood cracks. They infest floorboards, furniture, wooden beams, and any other wooden objects in your property.
  2. Larvae burrow deep into the wood where they feed and in the process, they make a maze of tunnels over several years.
  3. If infestation left untreated, timbers within a building can be weakened and may lead to structural failure of timbers.


When you see a wood powder around the holes, and on the furniture. Chemical treatment is necessary. Fresh wood powder is usually light in color and does not clump. Old wood powder is often yellowed and clumps together.

Wood-boring beetles treatment is an expert’s job and requires extensive inspection.
Once they are identified, we use special syringes to inject Wood Preservative chemicals into the holes made by the wood borers to combat the wood borer infestation in your wooden furniture.
We also spray these chemicals that contain a petroleum base to prevent further damage.