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Protecting the people and reputation of your Educational Institution

Heath and Safety of students as well as staff members are of paramount importance and vital in creating an effective learning environment. The common areas like cafeteria, library, halls, classrooms etc become perfect spots for dangerous pests. Diseases caused by some common pests like Mosquitoes may lead to unability in studying for upto months. This puts a really negative impact on image and reputation of your institute.

Area where food is prepared, stored and served becomes easy targets for pests to make their homes. Other areas where water is stored like around Water Coolers, Wash basins, Washrooms etc can also support breeding of pests. Early detection and continuous monitoring are essential to minimize the risk of pest infestation.

By using anĀ Integrated Pest ManagementĀ approach, Go Green Hygiene Services ensure your education facilities will not be compromised by pest activities.