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Rodent Management

Spotting a rat or a mouse in your home can be very distressing. Especially since mice are known to spread diseases as they search for food and shelter. This makes them a danger especially in kitchens or wherever children are playing.

They also have a natural and constant gnawing habit. This can cause great damage to your property, furnishings and fittings. That’s why we have specialized services to get rid of the rodent menace. Our 100% Herbal treatment to eradicate rodents from your home includes these steps:

To get rid of rats, we at Go Green Hygiene Services have used a combination of experience as well as advanced science in creating a highly tenacious and an industrial- strength glue to trap the rodents in the first instance itself. This new and innovative trap called a Sticky trap is a sturdy piece of sheet covered in the glue with a spot for bait in the middle to entice the rat on to the rattrap.

How to know you've Rodent Infestation
There are several signs that a mouse or a rat is in your house, lurking around somewhere. Once you spot any of these signs, contact GoGreen Hygiene Services and we’ll send our trained professionals to your doorstep.

  • Rat Droppings – Tend to be found concentrated in specific locations as rats produce up to 40 droppings per night.
  • Footprints – Rats leave foot and tail marks in dusty, less-used areas of buildings.
  • Rub Marks – Rats use established routes along skirting boards and walls due to their poor eyesight
  • Scratching Noises – Rats are particular are deft climbers. They can easily gain access into loft spaces and upper floors

If not treated adequately, a rat infestation can quickly take hold of your premises. A wide range of Do-it-yourself products such as the well known break-neck rat traps and rat poison baits are available in stores for dealing with rats in low risk areas.
We do recommend treatment by one of our pest control technicians for rat activity in living areas or if the problem persists.

Advantages of Hiring us:

  1. We use only heavy-duty and industry-approved glue boards to make sure we achieve a 100% success rate in the suspected active rodent area almost immediately. The solid board at Go Green Hygiene Services are large enough to trap the huge rat without allowing them to escape once they are caught.
  2. We are very particular when it comes to the quality of the board and the glue that is used in the setup of this Sticky Trap, unlike the cheap variant that is available in the local market.
  3. Our team will place the effective rat killers at all the threatened areas like under the sink area, next to the dust bins, behind the refrigerator and washing machine area after careful inspection and keen observation.